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Little Stars is a registered charity pre-school run by an elected committee of voluntary parents/carers, whose children attend the setting. The committee work very closely with staff to ensure the smooth running of the pre-school.

Every year the committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) usually held in October.


We solely depend on the goodwill of our parents/carers, as without their continued support and commitment we would not be able to operate.


Each voluntary member of the committee bring with them different skills that are invaluable to the running of pre-school. Both Mums & Dads are equally welcome to join and no previous experience is required. Signing up can make a huge difference to the staff and children of Little Stars!


There are different levels of involvement with in the committee and it depends on the individual as to how involved you would like to be.

By simply being a member you’d be invited to attend meetings that are held each term, during which you’d become part of the team assisting in decision making and contributing towards fundraising ideas for the pre-school.


There are also more defined roles within the committee that require a little more involvement, these are;

Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.



  • Acts as the nominated person for Ofsted purposes.
  • Co-ordinates the work for and supports the committee.
  • Chairs all meetings.
  • Assists both the secretary and treasurer with their duties.
  • Supports the staff in managing the day to day running of the pre-school ensuring policies and procedures are adhered to.
  • Assists the administrator in managing the pre-school finances.
  • Organises fundraising events.



  • Works closely with the Chair.
  • Organises meetings, prepares and circulates agendas, takes minutes and circulates them when complete.
  • Liaises with committee members.
  • Organises fundraising and other events.



  • Works alongside the administrator assisting with any relevant financial duties.
  • Reads financial reports at meetings.


There are many positives in becoming part of the committee; research shows clear benefits for children when parents become actively involved in their child’s learning and development from an early age. Parental involvement and working in partnership with staff has been recognised by the government as being key to a child’s successful development too. Volunteering for your pre-school’s committee offers an ideal opportunity for you to become more actively involved in this aspect of your child’s life and can make a difference to how it is managed.

On a personal level it allows you to meet other parents, make new friends and give something positive to your local community,

Opportunities are available to update existing skills as well as learn new ones, which can be extremely beneficial when returning to paid work in the future.


Reviews from previous Chairs of the committee:

“ Once my eldest daughter started at Little Stars I was interested in joining the committee. As a stay-at-home mum who was taking a break from a vocational career, I was very keen to do something that got my brain working again. I also recognised that the pre-school was the wonderful environment that I so appreciated for my daughter because of the hard-work of the lovely staff. They were supported by the committee and so I was keen to do my bit to be a part of this.

My youngest daughter than also attended and so I ended up being on the committee as secretary for 6 years and then progressed to co-chairing it with another member for a year.

During my time, I typed up letters and newsletters, as well as taking and distributing the minutes of the meetings. I was involved in organising parties and fundraising events. I was involved in the administration of the committee and pre-school it-self. I counted many thousands of Tesco and Sainsbury’s vouchers.

It was a valuable experience as well as a pleasure to be involved in such a warm and nurturing environment that is Little Stars pre-school. I met many lovely people and learnt a lot about all that is involved in providing the education and care for our children that can be so easily taken for granted. I learnt administration skills and gained information that has been useful as I returned to work years later.

I found it a very rewarding experience to contribute to something that directly affected my children and other families like my own. I enjoyed working as a team and getting to know other people. I loved being busy again and learning new things and feeling that I had contributed to something important in the community.

I think volunteering on a committee such as this can have such benefits for everyone and I am grateful for the opportunity. I would encourage anyone to take a part in the pre-school committee - it can be at a level suitable to your needs and availability. ”


Vicki Martin


“ Little Stars Pre-School is such a wonderful place; both of my daughters had a happy time there. One of my best decisions in life was to join the pre-schools’ committee, which I chaired for 3 years around 2001-2003. The staff at Little Stars does a fantastic job in caring for and educating our young children and they deserve the support of an enthusiastic committee. As part of the committee it was my pleasure to be involved in the behind the scenes running of the Pre-school, and we had so much fun organising and running events. Things like; Christmas parties, leavers’ parties and celebrating special events. I made life-long friends as a result of being part of the parents committee and I look back on hat time fondly, they were really happy days. ”


Wendy O’Kill


“ I was chair of Little Stars for a year which proved to a valuable experience for myself. I had the opportunity to have an input with the setting that my children attended and help out within the setting too. I improved my organisation skills as we organised fun days and fundraising events. The experience of being chair of the committee inspired me to pursue my career. ”


Emma King


“ I was a volunteer committee member to Little Stars and I can honestly say that I am glad I did it! There were some great times and some challenging times too. The reason why I volunteered was because I wanted to give something in return for all the staffs’ true commitment and hard work. I’ve had 4 children attend the pre-school and when you see first-hand the dedication the staff show all the children, that’s why you want to give something in return. The children have so much fun, they flourish, and in the end, are ready for school.

I have made some fantastic friends and long lasting friendships. There have been some other truly wonderful people who also volunteer their time. We have shared many laughs, a few tears, but achieved some great things. ”


Sam Hughes


“I was Chairman of the Little Stars committee for nearly 7 years and I thoroughly enjoyed it. During this time the staff and committee worked together and achieved great things. The dedication of the staff truly shone through in the children and setting, I would not have wanted my children to go anywhere else and they have very fond memories of their time there. Everyone involved with Little Stars helped to make it a lovely place for youngsters to take their first steps into the world of pre-school. Both my children attended Little Stars while I was Chairman and I loved being involved in the various aspects of it; from organising the many events discussed in our committee meetings to being able to help at a number of morning sessions helping the children. While doing all of this I made lifelong friendships, shared a great amount of laughter with all involved as well as shedding a tear as I watched children move up to big school.”


Emma Easton

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