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At Little Stars we truly value the views and opinions we receive from parents. At the end of each academic year we give parents a ‘leaving’ questionnaire to complete, the feedback ensures we continue to work hard and take into account parents’ individual needs.


Here are just some of the summaries that have been written about us this year.



“ Ruby has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Little Stars, she has made great progress due to the efforts of all the staff. ”



“ Lilly has loved being at Little Stars. The staff are always friendly and approachable. Lilly has had a great start to school life and has always been well looked after physically and emotionally. ”



“ I have had 3 children at Little Stars and the staff there have been excellent with each and every one of them. ”



“ Very pleased with Little Stars and how my son has progressed, ready for school. ”



“ Yagmur was really happy to be in Little Stars, especially with her teachers, she had 2 good years in there. ”




“My children’s time at Little Stars has been extremely fun, they have learnt more than I could expect. They always exceed my expectations. The children will miss the fantastic staff and setting of Little Stars. Thank you for everything.”



“In the words of my children, Little Stars is “awesome”. The staff go above and beyond for both children and parents. My children love coming to nursery and have grown so much in their time here. I don’t want my children to leave but know that they have had the best start socially and educationally here at Little Stars. I can’t fault them.”



“My daughter has grown in confidence since being at Little Stars, she looks forward to every session she attends. The staff are fantastic and are really lovely ladies, they are very encouraging at getting the parents involved.”



“I am very pleased with the progress. My son quickly learned the English language, he met new friends and delightfully ladies teacher. You’ll be always nice remembrance.”



“My son very much enjoyed his time at Little Stars. Can’t thank the staff enough for the support they have given to my son and to me.”



“My child’s time at Little Stars has been fantastic. He would love to get up and go to Little Stars. He loved all the staff. He learnt so much while he was there, be very sad to leave.”



“My daughter has enjoyed every minute of her time at Little Stars. The staff are fantastic and very approachable. They have helped boost my daughters confidence. I would recommend Little Stars to anyone. My daughter and I will both be very sad when she leaves.”




“I cannot recommend Little Stars highly enough. Both my children have loved their time there and made good friends and grown in confidence.”



“My son has loved his time at Little Stars, the improvement in his behaviour and confidence has been brilliant. The teachers are all fantastic with the children and parents.”



“Little Stars is a lovely friendly pre-school. The staff are easy to talk to and I feel my daughter has really benefited from attending.”



“Little Stars is a fantastic pre-school. My son is the fourth one out of my five children to go there and they have all loved it.”



“Little Stars is a friendly, comfortable environment. My son settled exceptionally quickly and has really enjoyed his time at pre-school. Staff are approachable and caring.”



“My youngest child is now about to start school and I am sad that my time with Little Stars has come to an end. A fantastic pre-school.”



“Despite a few hiccups, mainly due to anxiety and our daughters own difficulties, the staff have done much hard work with her to give her the best possible start. She has now made firm friends and is much more confident in her-self, which is in great part thanks to staff’s consistent contributions.”



“Little Stars is great, would always recommend it to others. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her time there each day. She has really progressed and they are very supportive in helping to prepare her for school.”




“Both of our children have attended Little Stars and we have always been impressed by the wonderful staff, who all show such care and commitment to the children. Our children loved going there and both grew in confidence during their time at Little Stars. I would recommend it to anyone!”



“Staff are very friendly and welcoming. My daughter has had lots of fun and has made some very good relationships with the staff and other children. She has taken part in lots of fun activities and really enjoys the outdoor space.”



“Little Stars staff were not only willing to be trained to deal with my sons’ complex health needs and behavioural issues, they surpassed themselves with their exemplary care of him, spring boarding his development and academia ahead of our expectations. Two years later, we loved it so much, we now travel to send our daughter there. She has grown in confidence and social communication. We intend to send our youngest daughter to Little Stars next year.”



“My son has loved attending Little Stars, he has made lots of good friends and doesn’t want to leave to start primary school. The staff are all lovely and make time for you if needed.”



“Both my children have attended Little Stars and their time there has been fantastic. The Staff make it a happy, enjoyable place to be and they are constantly coming up with new activities to stimulate the children. My children have had an extremely happy time at Little Stars. Thank you to all the fabulous staff!”



“Little Stars Pre-School is brilliant! They do lots of activities and my daughter learnt lots more discipline and structure through the routine of the group. Teachers are excellent and they enjoy what they are doing. My daughter is really happy there. I can highly recommend.”



“My sons have both loved Little Stars, it is a very friendly pre-school with excellent staff.”



“My children have really enjoyed their time at Little Stars. With friendly staff, lots for the children to play with and an excellent outside area.”



“Having had four children attend the pre-school, I can honestly say that Little Stars has been an enhancing experience for them all. The staff are truly dedicated to the children, they appreciate that they all have individual needs and ensure they have a fulfilled, fun and happy time whilst at Little Stars.” One very delighted mum!!



“Having recently moved to the area we were worried about which pre-school we should place our daughter in. Little Stars were very accommodating, the staff are very friendly there, nothing is a problem and they are willing to help with anything. My daughter is very happy there and will be very sad to leave at the end of term.”



“Both my children have attended Little Stars, with a 10 year gap and I can honestly say that both myself and my sons have been extremely happy with the care, attention and attitude given by the staff. I could leave my sons on the knowledge that they were in the safest and capable hands and was reassured that if there were any problems, I would be contacted immediately. I am very sad to now not have any reason to go to Little Stars and I wish the staff all the very best of luck and success for the future.”



“I feel very lucky that my two children have been able to go to Little Stars. They have a great start to school life there. All the staff have been so lovely and their work has been much appreciated with both my son and daughter.”



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